He Knew All The WordsConcettina Died and Other Stories of the East Side

Sometimes people ask to see recent poems. Sometimes I enthusiastically tell people about a song I'm obsessed with. Sometimes it's easier to make a PDF of an important political article and let it speak for itself, rather than annoying everyone with large mass emailings. Sometimes a little self-made movie about a dead Xmas tree is the best I can offer for mid-winter blues. For all these times, and for infinite others, I humbly offer this little spot on the web where I do all the giving, and you do all the getting. If you see something you like, it's yours for the taking--just click the little word "Download."

Goodnight Irene | I went to Ohio for my cousin Zack's wedding. At the rehearsal dinner we all got a little, um, toasted. The older generation of Zaza siblings--my parents and uncles & aunts--loopily treated us to a somewhat slurred rendition of "Goodnight, Irene." Enjoy! | Download.

Unsure About Gay Marriage? | I like to rant quite loudly about the gay marriage issue, but I do realize that some well-meaning people, especially those who are religious or socially conservative, have real questions and concerns about what establishing gay marriage would really mean to our society. Human Rights Campaign has put out this fantastic brochure that addresses questions by fair-minded people who have not made up their minds about this issue (it's a small PDF file). And for those of you who are already on board with it, the brochure will give you some serious ammo and important facts that you can use when arguing with close-minded opponents. | Download.